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Career & Technical Education

Middle School Students Launching Rocket

Photo by: Sarah Vasquez

Preparing students for the living, learning, and working requirements of the 21ST CENTURY.

ms construction


In construction, students learn to use power tools and build basic wood shop projects. Students also learn to use CNC lasers and 3D printers to make custom projects. Students build and race CO2 cars, gas powered boats, planters, and student choice projects.



Photojournalism is an introductory photo course in the Arts, Media and Entertainment pathway that exposes students to cutting-edge digital media for storytelling and production. Modeled after an authentic work environment, this course is mostly project-based and highly collaborative. After the initial training period (Quarters 1 & 2), students are graded based upon works produced in small groups. Students will learn all aspects of photography and photojournalism including (but not limited to) pre-production planning, photographing using effective camera techniques (composition, lighting, depth of field, etc.) and digital editing using Adobe Photoshop. Students will publish works in student media print and will review works in a whole class environment. 



Lego Robotics teaches students designing, building, and programming using Mindstorm Robotics Kits. This is a chance to see how robots work in a variety of settings and create solutions using Legos and robots.

Middle School Students Launching Rockets


Rockets, Cars, Planes! It's time to BUILD all the things that move us around this world! Put your assembly skills to work as we piece together kits and learn about how this world gets from one place to another.

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