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P POSITIVITY  Maintaining an optimistic and constructive attitude.

  • I speak positively and constructively about and to others and myself.
  • My actions and behaviors contribute to a positive social and learning environment.
  • I give sincere compliments, encouragement and recognition to others.

R RISK FREE  I keep our school safe for myself and others.

  • I move, act and speak in ways that prevent harm myself and others.
  • I protect myself and others by letting adults know of potential harm.

I INTEGRITY  Being honest and doing what is right.

  • I tell the truth and take responsibility for my actions.
  • I ask for forgiveness and extend grace to others.
  • I value personal space, property and belongings.

D DIGNITY  Treating self and others with a sense of worth and respect.

  • I treat everyone like they are equally deserving of being treated with respect.
  • I look for ways to interact and include others.
  • I THINK before I speak (Is this True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind?).


E EFFORT  I am results oriented. I am invested in learning, work and improvement.

  • I stay focused on the instruction, activity, speaker, Leader.
  • I do what is expected of me.